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Hypnosis Phone Training

Can you be hypnotized over the phone?  Yes, and it is an unbelievably delicious experience.  Although not everyone can be hypnotized, I've personally never met anyone that I could not hypnotize in the many years that I've been putting people under my spell.  To find out how you react, give me a call.

3 ways to pay for phone calls:

phone.jpg (11122 bytes)  CC.jpg (9945 bytes) For phone training sessions, you may call me directly at 410 719-1566 to use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  Only $80 per 30 minutes. Or prepay by money  order to: 

Dragon Ladies Limited
PO Box 21006
Baltimore, MD 21228

  Or for a slightly higher fee, you may click to pay per minute using Nite Flirt.

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