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Watch the crystal dragon!

Crystal Dragon

You feel compelled to send the Sorceress an email describing your true and honest feelings about your hypnotic sessions with Her.

Some of my slaves are saying...

Dear Sorceress,

I love You. Your power over me is now complete and I'm in ecstasy in Your servitude. Your voice washed through my mind and body. I belong to You, Goddess, and I thank You for owning me.

Your newest and most devoted slave, slave matt

This was totally amazing to me.  I was a little skeptical before I called You.  I completely lost track of time and had these deep submissive feelings.  I never had such intense feelings of submissiveness in my life.  Very intense and a little scary.

john from PA

Being hypnotized by You was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.

Tom from California

Wow, unbelievable!  You are deliciously evil.

stephen from Illinois

Your words are so powerful, Your voice so alluring, that whenever i listen to Your CD i am instantly enthralled.  When i saw on Your site, Your command for slaves to respond here, i was immediately drawn to write to You.

Every time i hear Your voice i relax and fall under Your spell. Every time, i go even deeper and even further under Your control. It feels so good to give up control, to relinquish my power.  Thank You for the wonderful recording. i am sorry, but outside factors prevent me from using the phone to call. Just hearing Your voice on CD is powerful enough to hypnotize and enthrall me.

- your humble slave, mike from Illinois

Your sessions are perfect!  It was so powerful.   It feels so-o-o good to be under your   control.  I love being your piggy!

Robert, Dallas

I keep trying to see if I can resist, but I'm so deeply under your power, it is useless to try  to disobey.  How did you become who you are?  I am completely under your control.  It's  such a pleasure to let go!  I'm addicted to you.  I love you!

David, London

I wasn't sure whether I could be hypnotized.  I was thrilled to discover myself under your  spell.  Thanks for helping make my dream come true!

James, NYC

Great, great, great!

Brian, Florida


Email address for slaves who have been ordered to respond: The Sorceress.